Our Story

Dulin Design was founded in 2005 because owner and founder Deb Dulin saw a need for creative problem solving focused around each client’s challenge. Our passion is direct communication and partnership with our clients. By becoming a go-to source for creative direction and marketing, we develop customized strategies that evolve and grow with our clients. As a full-service graphic design studio specializing in established, successful businesses, we collaborate with our clients to achieve a more cohesive and consistent look for their design and marketing.

What makes us tick

We are proud of the experience we have gained over the last decade, which includes award-winning logo design, brand strategy, printed collateral, marketing campaigns, signage, and publication design. Our client list has grown to include industry leaders in healthcare, staffing, real estate, education, construction, and hospitality.

We genuinely enjoy hearing from our clients–whether it’s a new project or a referral. Our best work comes from our collaborative process that keeps our clients engaged and produces targeted results that align with their goals. We love the anticipation that comes with each new project, as it gives us opportunity to learn more about them and create a custom solution.

We strive to make each project better than the last. That’s why we work with businesses and organizations who are looking to take the next step, whether it’s a rebrand, a product campaign or a focused effort on marketing. As we work together, the message gets stronger with each step.

We believe our clients deserve a team of specialists. That’s why we have developed a select network of writers, developers and vendors who are hired based on a project’s specifications. Our talented roster of independent professionals has a range of specialities, allowing us to offer a wider array of services when needed. This reduces overhead while providing our clients with a team of experts custom-fit for the solution.