Kol Shalom

Kol Shalom

Kol Shalom has successfully managed its own promotional and outreach efforts throughout its history, but sought a fresh perspective for their most recent outreach campaign.

Process: Through several strategy sessions, we developed a multi-phase rebrand of Kol Shalom and its member learning initiatives. Once the brand elements and “Connect. Grow. Belong.” tagline were decided, additional copy writing services refined the message. Periodic evaluations were conducted to revisit the original goals and adjust the creative direction based on member feedback. A second phase of the rebrand was developed with Lifelong Learning @ Kol Shalom–to introduce the congregation to restructured community programming and education efforts.

Results: Thorough communication and understanding of the campaign throughout all levels of leadership in Kol Shalom led to a structured and organized roll-out to the congregation. The rebrand proved so popular that the tagline, colors and fonts have been incorporated into the website and additional marketing materials not previously associated with the initiative.

Services: brand strategy, messaging, copy writing, graphic design, creative direction, logo design

Without a doubt, I would recommend Dulin Design for their services. We had previously worked with designers, but this was entirely different. It was a more structured process to get at the heart of the project so that the end result—the brand—accurately and specifically reflects our message.

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