We help clients stand out with great branding. That’s why I’ve been talking about the elements of a solid foundation for your brand(both in my newsletter and during a recent presentation for Baltimore/Annapolis Professionals).

Last month I discussed the power of color when it comes to your brand. Even though it may not be using actual words, color says a lot…which leads to today’s branding element which does use actual words—voice.

Voice is the tone, the personality and the words you use. When your brand’s voice considers your audience, is authentic, and is consistent—it builds the foundation for trust.

Here are 3 tips to make sure your voice is on the right track:

  • Listen to how they communicate. Listen to your audience and consider whether your voice appeals to their natural way of communication. If your target audience is 18-29, that is a very different style than ages 50-65. By speaking their language, your audience will know that you understand and respect them, and they’ll pay attention. For example: If your industry is technical and uses a lot of jargon or acronyms, and those words have made their way into your website and brochures—but your audience is non-technical—your brand’s voice isn’t aligning with your clients. They can’t understand you clearly; therefore it’s difficult to build trust.
  • Be authentic! When you’re talking to someone face-to-face, you can get a good read if someone is being fake. Fakeness can come through in the written word too. Being true to your company’s values will build trust and brand loyalty because it’s REAL.
  • Keep your voice consistent. A strong brand voice should carry across all communications—from your website, to print materials, to social media. An inconsistent voice is confusing and detracts from your brand’s trustworthiness.

If you’d like help aligning your brand voice with your target customers, contact us today!