The fourth phase in your sales funnel is: Action.

In this stage, they are ready to buy from you! Now it’s time to close the sale. Your goal at this stage is to maintain a positive experience so that they feel supported by their decision to purchase from you.

In this phase:

  • Be very direct and specific about the call to action (CTA). Do they click a button to purchase, call to schedule an appointment, etc.
  • Consider all of the steps involved in making a purchase, and how you can provide the simplest and most stress-free process possible.
  • Create a system to incorporate their contact information into your customer database or CRM with relevant details (email, phone or mailing address).
  • Remember that this is the start of an ongoing customer relationship.


Content in the action stage could include…

  • Landing pages with specific calls to action
  • Special offers
  • A series of follow up emails
  • “Getting started” or welcome packets

For example, have you received our welcome packet? 

We recently implemented sending a 2-page PDF to new clients. Even though we emphasize setting expectations in early conversations, the packet helps reinforce this and reassure clients as we being working together.

Next time, I’ll talk about Phase 5: Nurture. Congratulations, you gained a happy customer! Now it’s time to consider new ways to interact with them and encourage loyalty.