The third phase in your sales funnel is: Desire.

In this stage, your recipients are no longer prospects—they’re leads. They’ve been exposed several times to your messaging, and what you’ve said has been resonating with them. Now they want to know more. They are almost ready to make a purchase, and they desire what you offer, but need a bit more convincing that you’re the best fit so they can move forward with confidence.

In this phase:

  • They want to know how your product or service will benefit them and make their life better.
  • You have to prove why you’re the best fit, the most desirable, how you stand out.
  • You will get more personal often via a direct line of communication: their mailing address, email address, through an appointment.
  • They may ask for more information.

Channels for creating desire could include…

Materials may be ultra-targeted or personally-presented. Plus, you may need more than one of each type to address specific products or target audiences. Examples include:

  • PowerPoint presentations or sales demonstrations
  • Capabilities sheet
  • Coupons
  • Limited time offers
  • Targeted direct mail
  • Leave-behind pieces

For example…

We have created marketing materials for clients that focus on a specific product and are only sent to their leads who are interested in that specific product. The lead already knows the company offers other products, but has shown interest in one, so the marketing message changes to focus on the benefits of that product in order to guide them to purchase.

Maximize the desire phase by considering these questions:

  • Are you interacting directly with them?
  • Are you sharing specific information based on what they’re looking for?
  • Are you focusing on BENEFITS instead of features? How does it make your customers’ lives better?

From here, you will guide them to purchase and into an ongoing relationship.

Next time, I’ll talk about Phase 4: Action!