Valentine’s Day is upon us, but love isn’t just for February.
It’s available year-round—even for your business!
Getting customer feedback may be an extra step in your process, but it’s worth it. Here’s why:

  1. It reminds them of the great experience they had. If your business depends on referrals, having a client verbalize their good experience will help reinforce it in their minds, and make them more likely to share it in the future.
  2. It clues you into your differentiators. Your clients can see why you stand out, in ways you may not realize. For example, we have a few testimonials that speak to how we quickly “got” our clients and how our strategy process was like no other. When you know what makes you stand out, it’s a major step in how you market yourself.
  3. It’s like having a sales team working for you. When you encourage reviews or testimonials, these words of appreciation exist online where people can find them—whether that’s on social media or your own website. When a prospect can see themselves and their needs in another client’s positive experience, that is pure gold.
  4. It helps you get more great customers. When you see what your ideal customers like about working with you, you’ll learn how to attract more of this type of customer. A client recently said, “You make us look bigger than we really are.” This informs us about client pain-points and enables us to better understand the needs of future clients.
  5. It reminds you why you’re doing this. Running a business is hard work! Sometimes it’s nice to be recognized. One of my all-time favorite responses was “You make us look like we have our shit together.” I may not use that on my proposals, but it’s nice to know how we helped this organization play big.

Ways to encourage client feedback include:

  • See if your existing software has this option. If you use scheduling or invoicing software, it may have a follow-up template where you can ask for feedback.
  • Create a follow up script asking them to provide a testimonial on your preferred social media channels. This can be email or text, make it easy for your customer.
  • When they provide positive feedback during a conversation, write it down. Then send it to them and say, “You said this earlier. Can I use it in my marketing?”