We are big Star Wars fans here. And whether you are, or aren’t, you have probably started to see a deluge of marketing for Star Wars: The Last Jedi which opens on Dec. 15th.

With new Star Wars movies coming out so frequently, distinct marketing is essential is preventing confusion and giving each movie its own look and feel.

The visuals surrounding The Last Jedi are a great example of how marketing and branding relate—and how they’re different—in a way that’s relevant to any business.

Branding is the foundation

This is the main logo that you see representing all Star Wars films in this trilogy, and the first image on screen when each movie begins. *Cue the fanfare*


Marketing is campaign specific

… in this case, film specific. The second in a trilogy, The Last Jedi has similar branding to the previous trilogy film (The Force Awakens), but it is distinct in its marketing.

Take a look at The Last Jedi’s color-focused marketing campaign:

  • Red Star Wars logo
  • Red throughout the posters
  • Red bands on packaging
  • Red dust on a new planet

For Star Wars fans, this marketing is piquing interest and excitement.

Within Star Wars, red is known as a Dark Side color (all villains have red lightsabers). Many fans are wondering: Will there be a dark fate for Rey or Luke Skywalker?

Do. Or do not. There is no try.

If you’re a business owner who wants to create intrigue and excitement for your loyal fans, let’s talk.