branding find your target audienceIn discussing the elements of good branding, we have touched on color, voice and now the focus turns to audience. Identifying specific traits about your audience will give you valuable insight.


Go beyond the basic demographics:

  • Find common personality traits. Perhaps they are organized or proactive. Or they are inquisitive and research a lot before making a decision.
  • Why do they seek you out? For example, do you offer a specific service, such as accounting, that is a routine necessity; or do you provide guidance and support during a life-changing event? Is what you offer something they currently handle themselves, or do you fill a void?
  • Learn about their behavior. Discover how they find out about you (referral, online search), and then evaluate how your business presents itself consistently across online, print and other forms of marketing.
  • Engage with your loyal customers. If you have a social media presence or reviews online, pay attention to the feedback you receive.

A deeper understanding of your customers’ needs allows you to direct your marketing specifically to them, and get better results!